Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do I Sound Bitter?

Do I sound bitter?

I just re-read what I just wrote in my "Christmas Rant" post and I must sound bitter!

I sound whiny and pathetic, as if I don't like kids.  Well that's just not true.  I want kids of course!  It's just that it's really tough when it seemed that this Christmas (and others before this), everything revolved around kids.  And there were LOTS of kids around, just none that I can call my own.  It's tough to be the "outsider",  watching everyone else's kids open presents, and deep down praying and wishing with all your heart that you could have your own kids.  And have been deeply disappointed for so many years.  And being around family and so many kids is just a constant reminder of the pain.

I think those in the ALI community reading this may understand how I feel, or at least can empathize.

I guess I'm Ok with sounding bitter.  That's why it's called a rant, right?  What better place to get it off my chest than here?

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