Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Show and Tell: Gift Card Holder

Show and Tell
I missed last week's Show and Tell so I wanted to make sure I made it this week.
A couple of days before Christmas, I needed to pick up a restaurant gift card for a friend.  DH and I decided to pick one up from Old Chicago.  While we there we decided to have dinner there too.  Old Chicago is famous for its beer, pizza and pasta.
After dinner, we asked the waitress for a gift card.  When it came, I was so tickled pink by how it was presented.  
The gift card was tucked into a cute little miniature pizza box.  I'm not sure what it is about this little gift card pizza box, but I fell in love with it.  It just made my day.   Hope you like it too.
Now go check out what the rest of the class is showing at Mel's Show and Tell.


  1. That is adorable. What a cool way to present the gift card.

  2. Oh, I love me some Old Chicago! Andouille sausage on pizza -- YUM! And what a cute, cute giftbox. Love it!

  3. So cute! And much more wrap-able if that's your style. I like it. :)

  4. It is the little things in life, right?

  5. Wow that box is so original ! I wish more places would personalize their gift cards like that.

  6. Huh - clearly we live in different parts of the country. I've never heard of that resturant but that is some clever marketing!!

    I love anything tiny and neat! And pasta. And pizza. And beer for that matter. Thanks for sharinh.