Friday, January 31, 2014


Yesterday and today has been interesting.

We had dinner with one of Babe's friend and his family last night.  On the way, there I felt super hungry and became kind of queasy from the hunger.  After dinner we stopped by the friend's house to visit for a bit. When we got there, he had the wood stove/ fireplace in the basement and it was a little smoky in there.  After about 15 minutes my stomach didn't feel right.  It felt odd, kind of knotty or queasy.  I told Babe we needed to leave.  We had agreed we couldn't stay long anyway as we needed to get home for my PIO shot.  The smell of the smoke made me queasy.  Again, on the way home, my stomach didn't feel right.  Maybe it was the dinner..... could the shrimp or clams be bad?

Is it possible that is is a symptom of my pregnancy, or was I just imagining things?  Am I feeling more "sensitive" now that I know I am pregnant?  Would I have felt the same way if I didn't just find out that I am pregnant?  I've heard that morning sickness doesn't start till 6 weeks along, but some have felt queasy before then.  I do think that if I let myself get too hungry... my stomach doesn't feel quite right.  But this has only happened yesterday and today, so we'll have to see if this continues, or if it's just my imagination.

On a different note, I think I have ever been so happy to get my PIO shot last night!  It's amazing how different one can feel about the shot now that I know I am pregnant.

It still seems unreal that I am pregnant.  I still tear up just thinking about it.  I'm trying not to get TOO excited, at least not until Monday.  Of course there are the other milestones... the 6 week and 9 week appointments.  But let's just take one step at a time.


  1. I had my first serious bout of nausea at 4w2d (12dp5dt), and before that I was nauseous even before my first beta,so it is really possible. Welcome to pregnancy! :)

  2. I am thrilled for you both and praying for wonderful beta numbers! -Kristin

  3. Morning sickness has a tendency to start at 6 weeks or really rev up if you've started it early. I started morning sickness early on too with food aversions and nausea when I was barely pregnant.

  4. With all of my pregnancies, I had food aversions/cravings and smell sensitivities very early on, and the real nausea and vomiting started around 6-7 weeks. Though I have heard of people vomiting as early as 2-3 dpo, so anything is possible!

  5. Welcome to the joys of pregnancy! :) So excited for you!