Friday, February 3, 2012

Updating my blog

I just realized how out of date my blog is.  I just updated my "A little about me" section on the left hand side of this blog, from my age being 37 to now 38.  Also had to update the failed rounds of IVF from 3 to 4, and now we are trying to figure out what's next.


Seems like so much has happened and yet, nothing has changed for me.  Still here, still trying to "start our family".  I have gone from "TTC" (trying to conceive) to "still trying to start our family".

I have mentioned in the past that I am part of a support group called "Patiently Waiting" which consists of the infertility group and the adoption group.  I have been attending the infertility group, and now have started attending the adoption group.  Lately, there has been changes to the group.

  1. Just found out about half an hour ago, one of the gals is pregnant via IVF.  This was their first transfer after 2 cancelled cycles.
  2. Another gal and her hubby are now pregnant with twins via embryo donation.
  3. 2 other gals decided to go the adoption route and were matched and babies (a boy and a girl) placed in their homes in a very short period of time.
  4. The couple that hosts the infertility night adopted their son a couple of year ago, and now they have just been matched and placed with an 8-month old baby girl via the foster care system.  They were supposed to bring her home yesterday.
So lots of things happening.... just not for me.

Still here, same old.  

Sorry if this feel like a feel-sorry-for-myself post.


  1. I very much understand how you feel. I am the only person in my life that is childless. Everyone else has had treatments and conceived or adopted, or is currently fostering... It's hard to be apart of their lives and watch them change all while I watch by the sidelines with no one calling ME mom. Forever Aunt Sara. We'll be starting treatments soon, so I can only pray it changes for me, but I can't help but feel like nothing will ever change.

  2. I keep praying for you all the time... i can't wait until we all have a success story.... I know yours will come, just not sure how or when.

    Prayers to you and your hubby!!!

  3. You touched on something I've been thinking about recently when writing a blog post. The phrase "TTC" doesn't really apply to someone once they start making certain steps, and other things have failed. Even though I'm hoping to start my 2nd FET soon, I don't feel that it's considered "TTC".

    Anyway, I think you just helped inspire a blog post for me!

    But I'm sorry about the changes in your support group. It's so hard when everyone else is moving forward, and we are in the same place. You will be in my thoughts.

  4. I have been wondering how you have been doing. I am praying that your time is right around the corner.