Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Journey So Far

In deciding to blog about my IF journey, I spent a long time going over my medical records to try and figure out where I've been. It seems like I've been TTC for as long as I can remember. DH and I have been married for 7 years, and out of those, almost 6 we have been TTC. Almost our entire marriage has been about TTC! No wonder I can't remember what it feels like not to be TTC! Anyway, here's short summary of our journey so far.

**For latest updates, please see my "Our Journey So Far" page.**

Oct - DH and I are married

Feb - Decide to start TTC

May - See OBGYN about difficulty in conceiving
Jul  - Go on Clomid
Aug - Go on Clomid
      - Have HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) done
      - Have SHG (Saline Infused Sonohysterography).   Discover a polyp
Sep - Undergo Hysteroscopy (#1) to remove polyp (#1)

Oct - First appointment with RE.  Decide to proceed with IUIs.
       - IUI #1 - BFN
Nov - IUI #2 - BFN

Feb - Undergo diagnostic laparoscopy.  Fix minor endometriosis.
Jun - IUI is cancelled
Jul - Forced to rest this cycle - 20 cysts discovered
Aug - IUI #3 - BFN

Jan - IUI #4 - BFN
Feb - IUI is cancelled. Another polyp is discovered.
Mar - Hysteroscopy (#2) to remove polyp (#2)
Dec - Hysteroscopy (#3) to remove yet another polyp (#3).

Feb - IVF - BFN
Aug - consulted with a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and start on herbs.
Sep - 2nd month of TCM herbs
Oct - 3rd month of TCM herbs
Nov - Stop TCM herbs due to cold
Dec - Month off for the holidays

Jan - Meet with RE to discuss IVF.
Feb 1 - Started on BCPs
Feb 21 - Started Lu.pron
Feb 24 - Last day of BCPs
Mar 5 - Started stimulation meds
Mar 19 - Egg Retrieval - 8 eggs retrieved from left ovary only
Mar 21 - 6 eggs mature out of 8, only 1 fertilized.
Mar 22 - Found 2nd egg fertilized.
Mar 23 - Embryo 1 only still at 4-cells, and Embryo #2 at 2-cells
Mar 24 - Both embryos arrested, transfer is cancelled.
Apr 13 - Post-IVF consult with RE.  Did Karotype testing.
May 12 - Karotype test came back normal.
Jun 23 - Nurse's consult for July IVF

**For latest updates, please see my "Our Journey So Far" page.**

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  1. I'm just wondering if the chinese herbs bothered you at all? They really seemed to upset my stomach, so I quit taking them :( I was really hoping that would be my answer, as I've done the clomid, tried metformin, and am exhausted with just those things!