Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Infertility Thanksgiving, of sorts.....

The holiday season can be so hard for so many of us going through the very tough and unwelcome journey of infertility.  So, as we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, I started to think about what is it that I am thankful for?  May people say things like they are thankful for friends and family.  But every year, I struggle with this!  I want to say I am thankful for family too, but I wish I had a family of my own to be thankful for!!

So, even though I am going through this IF journey, I am thankful:
  1. For the support of the FEW friends and family members that know about our IF journey.  This is a painful and lonely journey to be on, and support can mean a world of difference!
  2. My faith, knowing that no matter what happens God has a plan for me, even though I may not always know what it is.
  3. For people who are, and have been PRAYING for DH and I for our journey to parenthood, no matter what it may be.
  4. That we live in an age where medical advances have given us hope to have babies when conceiving is difficult or "impossible" for some of us.
  5. That DH and I are on the same page on how to proceed with our treatments.  It was not easy starting treatment at first, but now after 4 failed IUIs, we are looking forward to IVF next  year!
  6. That DH still has a decent job in this economy (I am currently not working)
  7. That DH and I are able to pay for past treatments (some covered by insurance), and that we will be able to finance our future treatments somehow.
I am praying that next year I can be thankful for a healthy *baby or pregnancy*!!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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