Monday, September 16, 2013

Ultrasound Appointment and Six Flags

I have my ultrasound and bloodwork appointment in the morning.  I will find out later in the day if my lining is thick enough and estradiol numbers are good enough for our transfer on Sunday 9/22.  Please pray this will be a go for us.

Last night someone posted in the Embryo Adoption group that there is an Asian/Caucasian couple looking for someone to adopt their ONE embryo.  Oh, it's so tempting to say I want it too!!  Usually people are not going to adopt just one embryo due to the cost.  I don't know what NEDC's policy is on finding our own embryos or if we would have to have another ODA (Open Donation Agreement), which mean additional cost, if we plan to have contact.  I guess I will check with NEDC when we are there this weekend.  Also, we will have to wait and see how this transfer goes first.  Either way, I pray that this embryo will find a home and have a chance at life.

We were able to get to Chicago this weekend.  We got to Chinatown and and had our food fix there.  Then on Saturday we spent almost the entire day at Six Flags Great America.  The weather was perfect, sunny and cool, and the crowds were not too bad.  Minnesota has a similar park called Valleyfair, but the rides cannot compare with the ones at Six Flags.  I had planned out the rides that we absolutely had to go on, and the ones we could skip altogether either because they were kiddie rides, or they were the same ones we had in Minnesota.  We were only going for the thrill rides!

Our favorites were (in order) X-Flight (no rails above or below you, but on the side instead), Raging Bull and Batman: The Ride.  We rode each of those at least twice.  The others we rode include Superman: Ultimate Flight (you ride face down, on your belly!), Giant Drop, Viper, and American Eagle.  We were worn out by the end of the day.  But we had so much fun!!  I'm such an adrenaline junkie!

I'm so glad we were able to make this trip to Six Flag for possibly our last hurrah on the thrill rides!  Hopefully after this weekend, I will not be able to go on thrill rides for a long while!

The Superman ride seat

Warning to secure loose articles before the ride.  Countless lost cellphones,  sunglasses, etc.
The video below shows how the Superman ride starts off.

Off they go!  The Superman ride, where your ride face down, on your belly!

X-Flight rides sideways, THROUGH a control tower.

X-Flight: Nothing above or below you.  The railings are on your side.


  1. Prayers ascending that everything goes according to the plan and that you have a successful transfer and these were your last thrill rides for a while!!!!

  2. Hope your appt went great!!!! I haven't been to SF in years, but it's always a great time!!