Thursday, September 19, 2013

Polyp #4, not #3

I received instructions from Katie, the NEDC nurse today.  I am now totally off Es.trace and should expect to get my period in the couple of weeks.  Once that starts I will start my BCPs (birth control pills) and will stay on BCPs until I am directed to stop.  This week and next, NEDC will be super busy with the September transfers.  I just saw on NEDC's FB page that there are 28 recipients families this month.  Not sure if that number includes me or not.  Katie will send me my protocol for my November transfer sometime the end of next week or the following week, after all the September transfers are done.  NEDC's November transfers will be done on November 19th through the 21st.  So our transfer should be one of those dates.

I was able to schedule my appointment with the specialist who will do my polyp removal surgery for September 30th.  That is the soonest I can get in to see him.  I want to make sure that I can get on his surgery schedule for the end of October.  I am working on getting my lab results from my local clinic here that did my ultrasound faxed to him.

When NEDC received my ultrasound result yesterday, it indicated that there was a polyp but for some reason did not state what the size was.  So I called my local clinic today and spoke to an ultrasound technician about it.  She said at the appointment on Tuesday, the polyp was "tiny", 6mm x 6mm x 4mm.  She said at my baseline ultrasound appointment on August 30th, they would not have seen the polyp because the it would have looked like a "snowflake in a snowstorm".  But since then (17 days), the polyp would have been engorged with blood and have grown to that size.  I suppose  the polyp isn't large, but when you are trying to get pregnant, and in comparison to the size of an embryo to be implanted, it's best to remove it.  I want to make sure we have the best chance for a successful pregnancy.

I was trying to figure out when my other surgeries for polyps were, so I checked my "Our Journey So Far" page.  I suddenly realized that this is actually polyp #4, not #3.  This will be my 4th surgery to remove a polyp!  The past 3 hysteroscopies were done on:
     September 2005
     March 2008
     December 2008

Gosh, I hope this is the last polyp I will have for another few years.  And hopefully by then, my family will be complete, and I wouldn't care less if there any polyps in my uterus.


  1. One good thing about now being in the November transfer cycle, you may have a child with Daughter's birthday! I know, not super exciting... but I think Daughter's b-day is a pretty awesome day ;)

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