Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last Day of Lupron!

Today was my last Lu.pron shot!  Woo hoo!  So glad that is done with.  Hopefully my hot flashes will go away now.  I also increased my Es.trace to three times a day instead of two starting today.

I heard back from NEDC about my donor fees.  My first donor's fees ($775) included labs, shipping and storage expenses for the embryos.  The fees can vary greatly for each donor because some process labs through their own insurance, but others pay out of pocket and pass it on the the adoptive families.  Some donors assume the responsibility of the storage fees while others pass it on to the adoptive families.  In the case of my second donor family ($77) , there is only the fees for shipping the embryos.  If I remember it correctly, this family conceived their embryos via IVF through a trial, so most of their cost was covered by their clinic.

Only 11 days before my transfer!  Babe and I have decided to take a mini vacation and drive the 6+ hours to Chicago this weekend.  We are going to Six Flags Great America!  I had wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday with a big bang on some crazy roller coaster rides but timing was not great and Babe was not able to take time off due to busy work schedules.  But we are doing this now.

I am super excited because this could  possibly the last time I can go on thrill rides for a while (**keeping fingers crossed**).  If When baby comes along, I won't be able to do this easily.

Babe got Friday off, so we are planning on leaving sometime tomorrow afternoon and arrive late at night.  Not sure what our plans are yet Friday, but we will keep it open and take it easy.  Maybe hit Chinatown.  Will be spending all Saturday at Six Flags.

Bring on the rides!! I'm so ready for this!


  1. Wow, that's a big difference in donor fees! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it ALL pays off in the end. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy all the thrill of the roller coaster rides!

    (I haven't updated my blog in a month! I keep thinking about it, but then get too lazy. Plus, I'm obsessed with a new show (Flashpoint) on Netflix that has consumed all my spare time!).

  2. Yay for no more Lupron-That is an awful drug! I would gladly take PIO any day over Lupron!

  3. The countdown is ON! So exciting. Enjoy your mini-vacation... it may be your last time on a roller coaster for quite a while...