Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ODAs Signed

As of yesterday, our copy of the ODA (Open Donation Agreement) with the donor family was signed, notarized and sent via priority mail.  It sounds like the donor family did the same as of last week.  So, as far as the ODA is concerned, we are set and ready to go for our May transfer.  I'm so glad this is taken care of.  I am also grateful that the donor family was quick to accept and was committed to getting the ODA completed quickly.

Now, I have to wait for to hear back from Katie with my protocol and what my transfer date it.  She said I would receive it before April 15th.  So that's what's next.  In the past, I received my protocol around the 10th, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I will get it soon.  Only one more week to April!


  1. Counting the days with you!

  2. This process moved along very fast! Gives me hope if we have to go that route. So glad you found a family that you were comfortable with and they are so cooperative! Excited for you!