Saturday, July 27, 2013

ODAs Signed & Notarized!

Yesterday, I picked Babe up from work, went out to lunch and then stopped by our bank and had our ODAs signed and notarized.  We then scanned a copy of each ODA and emailed them to Debbie.  I will mail the hard copies of the ODAs to Debbie on Monday.  So that is done!

At my initial appointment in May, I was told I needed to order my meds the first week of August.  But I have not heard from NEDC about my protocol.  Since I now have a date for my September transfer, I emailed, Katie the nurse at NEDC.  She said I could go ahead and order my meds, but I won't get my protocol until after 8/15.  That means I will have to stay on birth control pills for another 3 weeks (I have been on them since 6/25).  I was hoping I would be done sooner, but I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

At least a major part of the process, the ODAs are done!  Yay!

Ok, August will be here next week!


  1. Ordering the meds is an exciting step...I remember it made it all feel so real! :)

  2. We have our date now sept 19. So same as shannon again just like march. Luckily I still have estrace and 3 vials of pio leftover from last cycle but I have to re order lupron kit. Which I will probably do in a couple of weeks

  3. I remember that I was confused about when they told me to order the meds, too... I thought I would have the protocol before ordering. They really should be more clear about that!

  4. Im waiting for August too! Its going to be here before we know it!