Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 2013 ICLW

Hello ICLWers!

This is another one of those months that I am playing catch up on on ICLW.  It's already halfway through ICLW and I am now finally posting and catching up on reading and commenting.  It has been kind of a crazy month with having a wedding in the family and having extended family stay with us for over a week.  Thanks to those that have already stopped by and commented here.

The other day I was thinking about how long we have really been on this journey to grow our family.  I just checked that at my last ICLW posting in June, I said we had been trying for almost 9 years.  In reality, I realize that it is coming up on almost 10 years.  I remember because we were on a romantic vacation on an island in Thailand in February 2004 when we decided to ditch the birth control pills.  Babe and I have been married for almost 11 years, and  have been trying to have baby for almost 10 years.  A decade.  That's is long time.

Anyway, the short version of our story..... we tried Clo.mid, IUI's a couple of surgeries and 4 rounds of IVFs with no success.  We were initially diagnosed with unexplained infertility but then were told, based on findings during our IVFs, we are not able to conceive due to crappy low quality eggs.  Last year we started our international adoption process but then decided to switch to embryo adoption instead.

We are adopting our embryos through The National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC).  We had our initial appointment with Dr. Keenan, selected 2 donor families (we need to have a minimum of 6 embryos) and were approved by them, and currently have a transfer scheduled for September, though we do not have a definite date yet.  We are currently working on finalizing our Open Donation Agreements with our donor families.  Once that is completed, we should have date for our September transfer.  I can't wait to find out when we will be flying out to TN again for our actual transfer.

Hope you will stick around to find out how things play out.


  1. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your story :)

  2. September is coming up so fast! Prayers for you :)

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