Friday, June 7, 2013

We've Decided!

Last night, Babe and I sat down and went through all the donor family profiles.  8 open adoption families and 10 closed adoption (anonymous) families.  At first I thought there were 12 anonymous donor families, but there were only 10 that were sent to us.

As I mentioned in my other post, there were already 2 open adoption families that I was pretty comfortable with.  I didn't see any other families in the closed adoption ones that really interested me, but there was one I would have been OK with.  I would still prefer to have an open adoption.

Babe went through all the profiles again and handed me 2 profiles that were his choice.  Guess what?  They were the very same 2 open adoption families that I picked too!  Thank God!!  I was so worried we were going to disagree and would need to have a heated "discussion".  I'm so glad we are on the same page!  At first, my first choice family was his second choice, but he changed his mind quickly and on his own.  I guess I would have been OK with either choice, but I'm glad he changed his mind.

So now, we have chosen 2 families, with a total of 8 blastocysts.  I emailed Angie the patient coordinator at NEDC with our decision.  She emailed me back this morning that she will email our profile to the 2 families to approve.  I hope we hear back with a decision soon!

This is so exciting!  Please pray that the donor families would like us and would give us the privilege to adopt their babies.

Also, I am working on questions and answer for my FAQ post.  Please send me more questions you would like to ask about me, our journey or embryo adoption.


  1. So exciting! I love you and husband were on the same page!

  2. Yeah!!! I wonder how long the donor families have to approve? Thank you for sharing this incredible journey!

  3. Congratulations!! That's wonderful news!!

  4. Congratulations! So exciting!

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  6. Hi there! Thank you so much for documenting this. I've enjoyed reading your journey to and through embryo adoption. After our recent failed IVF, we are just scratching the starting line for our adoption journey, as in looking at the three biggies of domestic, international, and embryo. I'm so grateful for people like you who take the time to explain what it can entail. I know that in the world of IF, we're always waiting. I hope your wait is over soon :)