Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving Along

Our donor families approved us to adopt their embryos on Monday.  On Tuesday, we mailed a check for the Open Donation Agreement (ODA) fees to the National Fertility Support Center (NFS).  The ODA is a contract that both the donor and recipient families sign agreeing that we will maintain communication if a child is born from the embryos adopted.  It includes such things as:

  • Information of the child born (name, sex, date of birth, etc.)
  • Types of information to be communicated (medical info, development progress, etc)
  • Frequency of the communication that will take place and for how long
  • Method of communication - email, letters, phone calls, texts, etc.
  • Medium of  communication - through NFS, licensed adoption agency, attorney, 3rd party or directly between families.
  • Whether there will be direct contact in the future between families and genetic siblings.
NFS' roles is to help with our embryo adoption plan and education, preparing us for openness, negotiating of our ODA with the donor families, and to support us through the embryo adoption process.  We have an initial meeting over the phone with Debbie, the counselor at NFS scheduled for next Friday.  She will help us with the mediation process for the ODA.  After this, we will also have phone meetings with each of the donor families.

Today, I spoke with the Briova, the pharmacy that will be providing us with our medications for our September transfer.  NEDC works with Briova as they are supposed to be the cheapest ones around.  Unlike our previous IVF cycles, this time around our insurance company does not provide any fertility coverage at all.  The cost of the meds will be mostly be out of pocket, adding up to around $345.  Here is the approximate breakdown of the cost of the drugs:
  • Lu.pron - $129
  • Es.trace - $195 (for 60 tablets)
  • Progesterone in oil (PIO) - $20 (for 4 vials)
  • Va.lium - $0.42
Fortunately, because we are doing a FET (frozen embryo transfer), we will not need any drugs that stimulate follicles to produce more eggs.  These stims cost thousands of dollars!  I was quite surprised at how expensive Es.trace is.  This is most likely because NEDC requires that the brand name drug be used instead of the generic.  That's more than $3 per tablet, and I have to take 2 - 3 per day!  Not sure how long I will need continue taking it after the transfer though.

What has everyone else paid for meds?  


  1. I can't remember the exact amount for my meds. But even though our medical insurance didn't cover any of the transfer costs, our prescription insurance did cover a good portion of the meds. I think it was around $100-$200 per cycle for me.

  2. Wow, things are really rollin'! I love it! September will be here before you know it! I can't wait!

  3. Insure do wish we could give you the PIO! Too bad it expires in August. What a bummer : ( Your Estrace may still be covered with a co-pay as it is used for things other than fertility. Ours has always been covered under 3 different plans! So was Lupron. Briova will tell you. Prayers!

  4. Congratulations on the approval! It must feel so real now. So very excited for you- summer is going to fly by, and September will be here before you know it!!!

  5. They had me continue taking Estrace until about 10 weeks pregnant. But my dose was decreased after my 6 week labs. It all depends on your lab tests.

    Just know that you do have to continue taking Estrace after the transfer. I didn't know that, called to ask and was quite rudely answered. Thankfully, that nurse had a very brief employment at NEDC. The current nurses are awesome!

    I'm so excited for you! Maybe the next time I'll see you, you'll get to meet Daughter and I'll get to meet your in-the-womb baby :)

  6. Hi from ICLW. So happy for you that this is going to happen. Embryo adoption is also something my spouse and I are considering next with our last cycle being a donor egg cycle fet that failed.

  7. hi from iclw! congrats on getting approved!

  8. For our FET we spent about $500.00 on meds. We used Estrace, crionone (which was the most expensive) and the standard antibiotics, steroids for the transfer. Wishing you the best on all of this!