Thursday, May 16, 2013

Four More Sleeps

As of this writing, I will have only 4 more sleeps before my Babe and I hop on the plane to Knoxville, TN for our initial appointment and mock transfer.

A few of my friends have asked me how I'm feeling, if I'm excited or nervous.  To be honest, I don't really feel any different.  I know should be excited about this trip, but right now, it's just another trip.  I do have a few minor details on a couple of forms to fill up yet for NEDC, but that's about it.  I guess it helps to have my flight, hotel and car booked.  But other than that, not too much going on.  I suppose I should do more to prepare for this trip, but can't really think of what I need to do.  Maybe figure out what I will do when I have a free day before our appointment.  For now, I am hoping to visit the Smoky Mountain National Park.  For those that have been to NEDC or Knoxville, do you have any suggestions on what to do and where to go eat at?

How was everyone's Mother's Day?  Usually this is a pretty hard day for me, but lately our church has moved away from recognizing mothers publicly or having them stand up in front of everyone.  This year the pastor gave a very interesting message.  Not only did she recognize mothers and mothers-to-be in general, she also acknowledged that it can be a very difficult time for a lot of people..... people who have lost their mothers, or those that do not have good relationships with their mothers, mothers who have difficult relationships with their children, women like me who want to be mothers but are not able to, those who have had miscarriages, or have lost children, birth moms who have placed their children up for adoption, those who are adopted and are thinking about their birth moms, and even women that have had abortions.  It was a great message and was very encouraging.  It did make me cry, but not for the usual reasons.  It felt good to be recognized, but also that the pastor helped others see that this can be a difficult time for some people.

I did receive a couple of Mother's Day texts and Facebook messages from friends and my sister.  One friends reminded me that I AM a mother to my angel babies.  Sometiimes I do have to be reminded that technically I am a mother to a few snowbabies that I lost to my previous IVFs.  Also, God has some snowbabies waiting for me to come get them in a few months!

How was your Mother's Day?


  1. So glad you had a good mother's day. It is nice to be recognized on that day. Good luck with the mock transfer. :)

  2. I can't believe this is finally happening! It's here! I am just so excited. And I'll continue to pray for you often.

    Wow, how fantastic of your church to deliver a message like that on Mother's Day. I've been wanting something like that, or even a small mention, at our church for a long time, but never got it.

    Talk soon!

  3. It's almost here!! A MUST if you want to splurge on an INCREDIBLE burger? Nick & J's Cafe. Owned by the sweetest couple and so worth every diet cheat!! We are definitely going back. Maybe we can meet you there? : )

  4. You're almost there! I know that after my miscarriage in 2011, Mother's Day in 2012 would have been much harder (though technically, I was a mother to angel babies and a pup) had I not had the appointment in TN to look forward to. We went in June for our mock and November for our transplant. You could be in my shoes next mother's day :)

    Mothers who have lost children are still mothers. We'll one day be reunited with them in heaven and everything will be glorious :)

  5. Such a great message. I am so excited for everyone headed to TN this week. Wish we were going back, but sept feels like the right time for us to go for a secobd try. The staff is great you will love the nedc. After this appointment comes the fun part of matching with your embies :)