Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crazy Dreams

Do you dream when you sleep at night?  Lately, it seems that I dream.  Every.  Single.  Night.  Not just regular dreams, but crazy dreams.  Unfortunately, I always forget them almost as soon as I wake up.  I know I really need to write them down, but I just forget to do so.

Yesterday morning, I had a funky dream and I kinda mumbled it to Babe before he left for work.  I then went back to sleep and had another dream.  I'm glad I told him about it because I forgot most if it.

The first dream, I dreamt that Babe and I were on a small single engine plane.  And for some reason, I was trying to land the plane.  This is weird because Babe is the one with a private pilot license and sometimes I fly with him.  I don't know how to fly a plane.  I'm just the so-called "co-pilot", a.k.a. the map holder.  So it was really weird that I would be trying to land the plane.  And I was panicking because we were coming in for the landing but the angle was way too steep.  It was like watching a cartoon, and I saw the diagram of the plane, the ground, and the too-steep angle written right next to it.   Plus the ground was coming up really fast, and we weren't going to make it!  But that was when I woke up!

Then last night as we were laying in bed I asked him if he remembers me telling him about my dream and he said he did.  I then told him about my second dream after I went back to bed.  In this dream, my family and I (Babe, my sister and her family, my brother and my parents) were on a family vacation and we were on a bus. When we arrived at our first destination, I found out that my purse and my passport were missing.  It was frustrating and I was scrambling trying to find them.  I would not be able to join my family on the second part of our vacation which involved traveling to another county if I did not find my passport!  Somehow, after a long and exhausting search, I managed to find my passport but not my purse.  There was more to the dream but I never did find out how my dream would have ended, and I can't really remember most of the details.

I told Babe this, and his response was very interesting.  He said my dreams here, and others in the past seem to always involve me trying to figure out how to get myself out of a difficult situation.  They usually involve me being frustrated, scared, and not knowing how things will end.  Most of my dreams end before it is resolved.  His response came almost as shock to me, but he was right.  It has never occurred to me how most of my dreams had the same pattern.  I can remember maybe only one or two dreams that had a happy or contented feeling to it.

Could my dreams really be revealing the true state of my mind, about how uncertain I am about my future?  Of my kids?  Or my career?  Or is there more to that?

How about you?  Have you had any crazy dreams that mean something to you?  Do you see the end of your dreams, or are you left hanging at the end like me?

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  1. very insightful! my dreams seem to fall into one of two catagories: A) my subconscious trying desperately to make sense of my conscious mind's current dilema or B)complete and utter nonsense caused because my subconscious is just too wigged out by my conscious mind! ha! i can tell the difference upon waking and i too pay attention to the subtle messages my subconscious tries to send me.

    praying for all of the chaos and uncertainty you are facing right now. (((hugs)))