Monday, August 6, 2012

Not Much Happening......

Hello there.....

Wow, I can't believe that it's been more than 4 months since my last posting.  I have no excuse.  Just not too much happening.

It's really quite sad since we have been sitting on our adoption paperwork and just need to get it done.  We had our adoption training in April, but not much more progress, so really nothing to report.

I have been contemplating whether to continue blogging here, or start a new blog for our adoption.  I feel like I am in no man's land.... still in the infertility world, but not quite in the adoption world yet.  I would like a blog that I can write without being anonymous, one that I can share with my friends and family the progress of our adoption, but at the same think I like being able to rant about infertility and the adoption process without worrying about offending any friends or family in real life.  But I don't want to manage two blogs.  I think I will wait we are "official", after we turn in our paperwork to decide.

I'm wondering if people are still reading.  Since the last time I was here ( a LONG time ago), I've had a few other followers.

If you are still reading, please comment and let me know  =)


  1. I’m following!

    Don’t beat yourself up about the paperwork. You have to just believe that it will all get done when it’s supposed to get done. It’s such a grueling task. Ross and I had to schedule time in order to make ourselves get it done.

    About the blog… I think you should start a new public blog to document the adoption journey—at least once you know for sure that that is your journey. I started a blog at the beginning of our adoption journey (started in January 2012). It’s a great way to track your journey and keep those who are interested informed. And, maybe most importantly, you can use it to someday help tell your child their story.

    When it’s not anonymous, you do have to think about who’s reading it. People close to me have said some dumb things during our journey, but I don’t vent about that on my blog, at least not directly. I did a post about positive adoption language. And I recently gave our parents the book “In On It”. I always remind myself that people who say insensitive things don’t mean any harm. They’re usually trying to be supportive, but lack the education of how to support in the best way.

    I know how you feel about straddling both worlds. I felt that way for awhile. It felt good, once I did it, to say goodbye to the infertility world, though. The first step was to throw away ALL of my IUI/IVF stuff—meds (that I couldn’t give away), needles, paperwork, etc. Then I started attending only the adoption support group and not the infertility night. And I started connecting with more adoptive moms (still have work to do in this area). I have some wonderful friends still in the infertility world, though, so I’m happy, because of that, to stay somewhat in the world. Plus, it will always be part of my journey, and therefore part of my life.

    Good luck on the paperwork!! ;)

  2. Still reading & following. :) I can tell you from this side of having completed one adoption that the limbo continues, unfortunately, at least for me. I still rant and rave, wonder and question, make plans and change them, etc. Unfortunately the tendrils of infertility still permeate nearly every aspect of my life. The pain is much less, but the wounds still aren't completely healed.

  3. Sending prayers your way as you're looking into adoption, I think that's wonderful! Hope you'll continue blogging & sharing your progress.

  4. Still here...never commented b/4...but I'm in no man's land with you! Wish you the best of luck no matter the path.

  5. I think I'm one of those new followers. Hoping you find your voice and space soon.