Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Egg Retrieval Update

Egg retrieval went pretty smoothly today.  We arrived at the clinic on time at 6:30 am, but sat at the lobby for about 5 minutes before anyone showed up at the reception.  We must have been the first patients there.  It's weird arriving at the clinic and no one's around, since it is summer and sunny out.  It felt much later than it actually was.

We entered IVF Suite (which had a special lock, and you can only enter if you have a special pass), and went through the usual Q&A (health, allergies, last time I drank or ate, etc) with the nurse.  When the nurse asked we have any questions, we really had none.  This was our third time through this, so we were veterans at this by now.

Steve, the nurse anesthetist came and and talked to us.  He is the same guy from the past retrievals we went through.  I remember he's a pretty funny guy.  I mentioned that the last 2 times we did this, I got sick and threw up the first thing I got home even though I was given Zo.fran for nausea (the same kind pregnant women get).  He said he'd try giving me something different this time instead of liquid Ty.lenol for pain after the procedure, though there was no guarantee. Sometimes everything is fine, but the ride home makes you sick.  He joked that if he could only figure out how to beat this nausea thing, he would ask the checks be sent to him in the Bahamas!

After that Dr. M, came in.  He was the same RE that did my first retrieval last July.  I remember liking him last time, and I still do.  He's very professional and yet very pleasant.  We went over my charts and compared this cycle to the last couple.  He said I responded "reasonably well" to my medications.  He asked if we had any questions, and again. since this is our third time, we didn't really really have any.

Then I was off the the bathroom the pee one more time before heading to Procedure Room 1, and Babe made his way to the Andrology lab.  Once on the table, Steve gave me a warm blanket (probably from a warming oven), and it felt pretty comfy.  He looked over my veins while decidin whether to put the IV in my arm or my hand.  I joked about how my left arm is my "go to" arm.  Though it looked a bit bruised, but it has never let me down yet.  He ended up putting it in my arm, since usually it tends to sting more in the hand.  Hooray for my arm.  I didn't even feel the IV at all.  Again, my arm was there for me.  I was then ready for my "morning cocktail", as Steve put in.  I felt the head rush, and thought boy I'm sure glad I'm laying down.  I was out like a lightbulb,

The next thing I remember, I was waking up in the recovery room with my Babe next to me.  I remember the nurse giving me some water, and all I wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep.  Dr. M stopped by and told us he had retrieved 11 eggs from both ovaries.  That is good news, the most number of eggs we've ever gotten.  I remember that I had to keep asking Babe how many we had, thanks to the anesthesia.

Recovery went well.  Steve came in later and injected some medication in my IV instead of giving me liquid Ty.lenol like last time.  This actually helped as I did not get sick when I got home.  The nurse gave me some apple juice and crackers, and the next thing I know, I as changing back to my own clothes and was being pushed out in a wheelchair.  I got home, took my tetra.cycline (antibiotics) and went to bed.  I spent most of my day in bed, though I got up a couple of times to eat and drink.  I am resting comfortably.  Surprisingly I have no pain or soreness, for which I am grateful.  Tomorrow, I will be working from home, which is perfect timing, as it will be hot and humid, close to 100 degrees outside.  I will be hiding indoors.

So 11 eggs retrieved.  I am grateful for that.  I am trying to stay optimistic, but also realistic.  Here's how my last 2 cycles turned out:
Cycle 1: 8 eggs retrieved from one ovary, 6 were mature, only 2 fertilized naturally.  Nothing to transfer because the embryos arrested.
Cycle 2: 7 eggs retrieved from both ovaries, only 3 were mature and ICSI'd,  only 2 fertilized.  Had a day 3 transfer.

So 11 eggs sounds like a great number, but there are just so many other factors involved.   So, if you are a praying person, please pray for my eggs to be healthy, will fertilize and will grow into healthy embryos.

I should be getting a call from the clinic on Friday with the status of my eggs/embryos. Will have more updates then.


  1. Eleven sounds good! That's how many I had last time, and even with only 4 mature and 3 fertilized it still worked. Hoping and praying for great news on Friday!

  2. Thinking of you. I'm very much a praying person and am praying that those beautiful eggs with grow healthily into your little ones!!! Looking forward to your updates!!!

  3. Saying a prayer for you and you little egg/embryos!!

    Grow little buddies Grow!!!

  4. Awesome, sounds like we have very similar numbers. My sister(egg donor) had her retrieval yesterday and we have 9 fertilized eggs. I have my fingers crossed for you for Friday.

  5. Praying for healthy fertilized eggs! Let us know!

  6. Great news!!! Can't wait to hear about your fert report...I hope it's a really really good one!!!!

  7. Awesome news! I am praising God in advance for your beautiful embabies!! Praying for great news on Friday!

    (I'm having problems leaving comments through blogspot...)

  8. I will be praying like mad! Sending you huge hugs and loads of faith and encouragement. Your miracle is on the way, I have to believe.

  9. Try this for anesthesia next time. Did it 4 times, fully awake, no nausea, no pain medication, very little pain afterwards even with 32 eggs.