Friday, February 19, 2010

Videos: How IVF Works

I realize that people that read my blog are on different infertility journeys.  Some are not even on this journey, but are here to support and keep up with my status, and I am grateful for that.

Those of you who have not gone through IVF may not know much about this procedure.  I found the following videos about IVF on You.Tube.  Since I will be going through this porcedure in about a month or so, I would like to share these videos with you so you have a better idea of what I will be going though.  Some of you have asked me what the IVF process is like, so what better way to explain it than to let someone else do it via video!

I really like this first video.  It has great animation and gives an overall idea of what the IVF procedure is.

The second video has more details.  You need to excuse the narrator's "dramatic" voice and Indian accent.  But it does have some good info, without being too detailed.

Hope you enjoyed the show!


  1. Thanks this is awesome. I will def. share this with my DH.

  2. Michelle,

    How sweet of you to add these videos :) When I dear friend was going thru IVF I wanted to be able to support her, but knew very little about the process. However, I felt that if I were going to support her I needed to learn about the process. So, I did, I scoured the internet and read all I could. That's what we do to support another right :)

    I'm so grateful we have these grateful.

    HUGS and LOVE

  3. Thanks for posting these! I haven't gotten to watch them both, yet, but look forward to sitting down to see them. I love knowing exactly what's going on... I guess I'm kind of a geek that way. ;-)


  4. Happy ICLW!

    Great videos, thank you for posting. I haven't started IVF yet, still trying to get diagnosed with something, so it was great for me to see.

    Best of luck this cycle!