Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank You, Insurance Company

There are only a couple of mail order pharmacies that my insurance company will cover infertility meds through.  I just got done talking to the pharmacy a little while ago.

I ordered the all the injectable medication that I need for this IVF cycle:  Lup.ron, Follis.tim AQ, Meno.pur and HCG.

Grand total I had to pay?  A whole $240!!  OMG!

I almost could not believe it when the gal told me the amount over the phone.  This is approximately how much I would have to pay for one stinking 300IU cartridge of Follis.tim!

Thank you insurance company!

I will be receiving the meds on Friday, and start Lup.ron shots on Sunday.


  1. Here's to Sunday! So happy you were able to negotiate a great rate for your meds. How wonderful your insurance covers these "wonder med's"

    Much Love as you continue on to success :)


  2. Very jealous about your insurance coverage! I am so excited that you get to start in just a few days!

  3. Wow...that is great!!! Good luck with the shots!!

  4. That's awesome that insurance paid so much of it!

  5. Wow! The really is amazing! I want your insurance, lol.

  6. Hi, I found you thru Deni's blog, just wanted to say I wish you the best of luck with the IVF cycle...I have been thru 3 myself. The first did not work, the second (included assisted hatching - key words there, remember them!) brought us our triplet angels and our third, well, I will say it worked as I am not ready to share yet, but again, with assisted hatching...I think that is key to most succesful cycles as it helps the embies stick better! Best wishes xo

  7. good luck on this round!! i'm starting my stims tonight on my first ivf cycle ... wishing you *sticky dust*.