Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sock It To Me February 2010

This week is Sock It To Me or SITM Week.  Thanks to Kym of I'm A Smart One, who runs this fun and wonderful event.  The Great Sock It To Me exchange is to allow bloggers to share the warmth and support felt from fellow bloggers by exchanging a warm and fuzzy pair of socks.  I suppose it's kind of like a Secret Santa exchange.

I am so fortunate to have received not one, but two pairs of really fun and funky socks from Lynn of Wistfulgirl's World.
2 Pairs of Fun Socks!

Purple Polka Dots

Rainbow Toe Socks!

I'm usually a "practical" person, so my sock drawer is full of white workout socks, and boring black ones I wear for work.  I've always been too cheap to buy fun socks.  These ones are so fun!  I am thrilled to get a pair of toe socks as I've always wanted a pair.  I can't wait to wear these to my next ultrasound appointments.  What a conversation piece it will be!

Thanks, Lynn for these wonderful socks!

Though new to the world of blogging (I started in November 2009), I am not new to the world of infertility.  After 6 years of TTC with 4 failed IUIs, one failed IVF and some time off, we were ready to jump back on the TTC bandwagon with IVF.  It was then that I decided to start blogging, though I had been lurking for awhile.  I only wish I had started earlier.  I would have never guessed my TTC journey would have lasted me this long.

In these short few months, I have found that this blogging community is heaven sent.  I have learned that:
  • Though it can feel lonely, I am not alone in this journey of TTC
  • The strength and courage of the women, and sometimes men in the TTC community amazes me
  • I have found so much support, information and humor here
  • A few words or comments from a friend or blogger you have never met can mean so much
  • You can have relationships with bloggers without having met them or know their last or even first names
  • Everyone's TTC journey is different, yet we can all support and learn from each other, whether it is infertility, adoption or loss.
  • This is a place for me to release my frustrations, ask questions and express thoughts that I can't with others in real life.  It keeps me sane!
I am now in the middle of my 2nd IVF and no matter what the outcome and next steps will be, I know that I can count on the this community to stand by me, and lift me up.

Now, go see what socks everyone else is getting at Kym's Winter 2010 Sockeroo page.


  1. Very cute socks! I love toe socks. They are very comfy.

  2. Love the socks. Toe socks creep me out as I don't like anything between my toes.

    I am still waiting on mine to arrive...*Sniff*

  3. Love the socks! That's right sister! We are here for you!!! Can't wait for your IVF cycle!!!!

  4. Those socks are fabulous!! And yes, we are totally hear for you and wishing you tons of success with this IVF cycle!!!

  5. Yes, very very true. There is such a uniqueness (um, is that a word?) to the IF blogging word that is just beyond description. I love it. I am blessed to every fiber of my being to be a part of it.
    I love your socks!!!
    Good luck with this cycle!!

  6. Oooooh, I love those socks! Lucky girl.

    Welcome to the blogosphere and this wonderful ALI community. I hope this cycle does the trick for you.

  7. How cool are those to add to your sock drawer! And stirrup visits. The toe ones, freak me out a bit, but I have a pair, and they're pretty cool. I hope this cycle gives you a sticky BFP!! Oh, and happy ICLW, as well!

  8. I am also mid-2nd-IVF cycle and we've been trying many years, and also new to blogging. I wish I had discovered blogging as an outlet before now...

    Enjoy your socks, that sounds fun!


  9. Know that we are going to keep you sane and rally you to the FINISH line :) Promise!

    The socks are adorable and I love the Rainbow Bright ones :) Definately wear them to your US appt...love it!!!

    Hugs and know that I am praying for your success and BELIEVE in all things possible for you.


  10. Love the socks! Toe socks are a must in every sock drawer!

  11. Great socks!!! I don't have any toe socks yet, might need to change that. : )

  12. I love the socks!!! I will be here praying for you that this cycle is a success!!


  13. Those socks are so fun! I am so excited to keep up with your story! So glad I found you through SITM!

  14. Oooohhh COOL socks! I love my toe socks, they are SO soft and so comfy! I hope they bring you comfort and lots of luck!