Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We Have A Transfer Date!

Sorry for the silence.  Been waiting for an update from Katie the NEDC nurse with the November protocol.  I finally got it on Friday.  So here's the deal.

My transfer is scheduled for Wednesday, November 20th.

I start Lu.pron next Monday, 10/21 already.

Baseline ultrasound and Estradio lab work is only 10/30.

My hysteroscopy/polypectomy to remove my polyp is on Thursday, 10/31 (yup, on Halloween!)

Ultrasound before transfer is 11/14.

Felt like nothing was happening, and now suddenly everything is happening quickly.  I ordered my Lu.pron kit today and should be getting it on Thursday.  I picked up my BCPs at Target today. I'm supposed to start them when I get my period, which till today is still a no show.  I took my last Es.trace on 9/18, which is 27 days ago.  I'm a little concerned, but Katie said as long as I take it when my period starts I'm OK.  I'm praying it will start soon.

Based on my protocol, I'm supposed to stop my BCPs on 10/25.  I'm worried that even if my period comes anytime soon, I may only be on BCPs for a few days.  Then my period is supposed to come (I hope!) but I need to have stopped bleeding before my surgery on 10/31.  Feels like it may be cutting it close!

This cycle feels a little rushed, with trying to fit in my surgery, and my period being a no show.  Also, I am stressing out a little about our trip to Knoxville.  Flights have gone up $200 per person for November, and with our cancelled flights in September, we will have to cough up another $200 extra per person for rebooking fees with Delta.  That means we will have to pay and additional $800 just for our flights.  That is also assuming my body responds properly and my uterus lining cooperates and is thick enough for transfer.  If not, then we may have to postpone the transfer for a few days.  Meaning we may have to change our flights again.  And spend more money.

Babe is suggesting that we should drive out to Knoxville this time.  That way, if we are postponed again, we have more flexibility, not have to cancel our flights and pay another $200 rebooking fee per person.  I'm thinking maybe that is not be such a bad idea.  Except for the part where we have to drive 14 hours to Knoxville.  Each way.  A total of 28 hours on the road!

I have a bit of time yet to decide.  I may just start looking at hotels for  now.


  1. So very exciting!!! I like the idea of making it a road trip- those things become so much more difficult once the baby arrives. ;)

  2. Yay, you have a date! I like the road trip idea too. 14 hours is not too bad. It's so nice to not have a time schedule or packing limitations. You can make it fun!

  3. I'm just catching up on blogging. Sorry to hear your last transfer was cancelled. It sounds like you are on track though for the next round. Sending positive thoughts your way. I know it's easy for me to say this, (and I've been there), but try and relax and remain positive. It's overwhelming to think about all the stuff you have to do, but you guys will get thru it all. That's what makes your stronger :)

  4. EXCITING!!!! YOur procedure is not on Halloween, but on Reformation Day don't forget ; ) November transfer should be wonderful!! Praying!!

  5. I always felt like it all became real when we had a date, so YAY FOR A TRANSFER DATE! I love road trips with my sweetie, so that's my vote. I will be praying for you as you have your procedure on Reformation Day! :)