Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Travolta/Preston Expecting

I'm usually not big follower of celebrity news, but a friend sent me a link to the article on Peo.ple magazine that Kelly Preston, who is married to John Travolta, is pregnant at 47.  I'm really happy for them as they'd just suffered the loss of their 16-year old son in January 2009.  Plus, I'm a fan of both actors.

But I can't help thinking, at 47, did she do IVF?  If so how many rounds did it take her?

Did she use donor eggs?  I can't believe that at her age, egg quality is not an issue.

I'm not sure if it really matters, or if it's any of my business.  But Hollywood sure makes it sound so easy to get pregnant at an older age.  I wonder if they would share more details of the pregnancy.

But then, would I share with the whole world that my baby was conceived via IVF?  Probably not.  So why should I expect them to?

Either way, I am happy for John Travolta and Kelly Preston.  I wish them a safe and happy pregnancy!


  1. I don't know how I feel about this news. I have never been a fan of people who have babies later in life because I don't think it's fair on the baby, but that's just my opinion. I do agree that Hollywood makes getting pregnant with or without ART sounds so so easy!! If you look how many actresses had babies after 40 you would think it was super easy and in a way it sends the message to us ordinary girls that it's ok to wait until we are 40. I suppose this is true for some lucky few but not the majority.

  2. I actually find this upsetting, not b/c they will be older parents but I wish high profile people could shed more light on IF causes. It is sooooo unlikely that a 47 year old woman could get pregnant with her own eggs. I think it encourages the notion for women that they can wait as long as they want to have children, which just isn't true. It is a frightening message to send out there.....

  3. I HIGHLY doubt this was natural - and most likley the result of donor egg - as they alluded that it only took a "few" months. Due to their religion - they will never admit to it, just like they hid Jett's autism.
    It's sad that they have a chance to share and be a voice for those who suffer IF, but most celebrities choose to hide the fact they have isues.

  4. I have often wished that these famous people would be more vocal about their methods of conception, though I completley understand that it's a private issue. But, they give the illusion to the rest of us out here that women in their 40s can just turn up pregnant at any moment and we all know that's not necessarily the case. I think it's because of this celebrity phenomenon that young women are under the impression that they have all the time in the world to have a baby and that's not really true.

  5. Holy crap. I just read that. Good for them (given what they have recently been through) but good lord....46?!?! And here I am at 25 having problems!!!

  6. I just read that too and was thinking the same thing. Of course, when you have millions upon millions of dollars anything is possible, right?

    OMG! I got the earrings in the mail today and they are perfect! I tried them on and couldn't stop smiling!!! Thank you soooooo much for this gift! You're the best.

  7. All I can say is that if this child, by what ever means conceived, is healthy and expands their family then my heart is full for them. Losing a child is absolutley heart wrenching and Jett will never be replaced, but its okay for them to expand :) Also, I read that she may not be pregnant and they could be using a serrogate or adopting...we shall see.

    It is sad however that it does seem so easy for the Hollywood set :( But, you never know how many rounds of IVF it takes. Celine Dion just did round 5.

    So, that is my thought for the day :)

    HUGS and I'm still cheering you on!!!


  8. Yeah for them, but I DO think celebrities should share when they use ART at that age. It creates an illusion that you can get pregnant at any age, and in their cases it has more to do with unlimited money. I love that Brooke Shields shared her journey. She did something like 8 IVF's before she was successful, and I believe the Catholic church excommunicated her because of it.

    I wish a celebrity would take on infertility as their "cause" and help raise funds and awareness. It is estimated that 10% of the US population suffers from infertility, that is way more than are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

  9. I am happy for them in a way because of their loss, but at the same time it just seems weird. He is older than my father! They had to have used help. No way it was natural.

  10. Yeah..definitely thinking IVF and donor egg!!! Honestly, as long as the donor was a good, proven donor (and with their $$ I'm sure it was), it probably WOULD only take a few months...

    Conflicted...totally understand what it's like to desperately want another child when you've lost one (though it's not to replace--it's to bring some HOPE back into your life) and feel like based on how loving they seemed with Jett, this will be a well-loved baby...wish they would be more realistic in how it came to be, knowing they are people some look up to and could really be good advocates!

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