Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pacem In Terris

Hi Peeps!  I'm back.  Didn't even know I was gone, did ya?

Yup, I posted the last couple of days when I was actually out of town, and with no access to the internet.  Wasn't really trying to be sneaky about it, but since I found out about the ability to schedule posts automatically, I've been dying to try it out for when I am out of town.

I have been a hermit the last couple of days.

A what, huh?

Yeah, a hermit.  I spent the last 2 nights at a place called Pacem In Terris, meaning "Peace On Earth".  It is a hermitage retreat center, a place of silence and solitude.  Just you, nature and God.

I stayed in a hermitage, a simple cabin with no running water or electricity, but a very comfortable place to be in.  It is a place to get away from all the busyness of life, job, daily responsibilities and the distractions of technology - TV, radio, internet, and yes, even blogging!

Unfortunately, Monday was also the hottest day in a long time.  We hit the 90's.

I spent my time in silence, reading, praying and just enjoying nature.  You barely see anyone else at the retreat, unless you decide to have dinner at the main house.  I took time to reflect on my TTC journey in the last few years, my journey ahead of me, my faith, and my walk with God.  It was a time I set aside for myself before I start my next round of IVF.

It was good to get away from the normal routine of life.  To get away from blogging (though I did miss it!).  To get rested and refreshed.  I could have spent a few more days there. It was beautiful out there.

Here are some pictures that I took from Pacem In Terris.

Have you done a retreat like this?  How did you like it?

My hermitage

Rocking chair facing the large picture window, I spent a lot of time here

My chair in the screened in porch, I spent most of my time here

View of the grounds (notice the cross in the background)

Boardwalk to the lake

End of the boardwalk, a place to enjoy the view of the lake

A deer showed up, view from my picture window


  1. This place is GORGEOUS!!! what an awesome retreat! I hope that you had a very restful time...soaking up the presence of God. I used to work at a department at a Christian school that encouraged these solitude retreats as part of their spiritual formation. Last Sept, my husband "retreated" into a house in the mtns without tv, internet, etc but we had running water and electricity. =)

  2. What a wonderful thing to treat yourself to! Hopefully you got a lot of thinking accomplished!

    Happy ICLW!

  3. It looks like a lovely setting, and it sounds like a wonderful place to be still and gain some perspective.

    I haven't been to a place quite like that, but I have actually stayed a couple of monastaries for different retreats. I love the simplicity and the general quiet.

  4. Beautiful pictures! This place looks so peaceful. I would love to check something like this out sometime.

    Good for you to take some time to recharge before your next round of IVF. Good luck to you, I will keep you in my prayers!

    ICLW #165

  5. That place looks very nice. I hope you got a lot accomplished.

    ICLW #166

  6. That looks very relaxing! Glad you're back. Isn't scheduled posts the best??? I do all my blogging over the weekend and schedule them for the week.

  7. So happy that you took some time to be good to yourself and rejuventate your soul. Being one with nature and God is refreshing.

    The Delphinium are blooming and gorgeous! I've never been to a place like this, as there aren't any near by, but I can promise if their were I would make a bee line there!

    Wishing you all the very best in your upcoming cycle.


  8. WOW! This place looks amazing! I am off to google and see if there is anywhere like this near me! I am wanting to take off a couple of days surrounding my birthday and Ella Grace's due date and this sounds like a lovely idea! I am glad you took the time to rejuvinate yourself!

  9. Amazing, good for you! I was doing a similar thing in a house without AC on Monday! :) Hope it gave you the mental boost you needed.

  10. That looks so fabulous! I've done a couple of retreats where you are pretty remote and have time with just yourself. At first I was uncomfortable, but honestly...turned out well. Your place looks beautiful!

  11. It looks heavenly!


  12. That does look like the most peaceful place on earth. I want to go there right now! So glad you had a nice time.

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