Friday, November 8, 2013

Doctor's Visit

I went to the doctor's today to have my blood pressure checked out.  I started off with getting my flu shot.  Then I met my new doctor who will be my primary care provider.  All these years, I have never had a primary doctor.  Most of my doctor's visits were either to my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist, i.e. fertility specialist) or to my gynecologist who does my annual check ups and have my hysteroscopies.  I have always been healthy and never really saw the same doctor because I only went to the doctor's so rarely.

The doctor and I went over how my BP (blood pressure) was elevated at my surgery last week, and how I was to monitor it over a week and since it was still high, I decided to have it checked out.  We also went over the fact that I had a cold more than 3 weeks ago, and had been coughing for 3 weeks.  We went over all my previous and current medications, including those related to my frozen embryo transfer - birth control pills, Lu.pron and Es.trace.  He agreed that coughing and hormones can cause my BP to be elevated.  

My BP is higher than normal but not high enough that he would be terribly concerned right now.  I am not excessively overweight, do not smoke and rarely drink.  However, because of my family history of high BP, he wants me to incorporate lifestyle changes - exercise more, eat more fruits and veggies and reduce sodium in my diet.  He wants me to monitor and track my BP for the next couple of months.   I am happy that he decided not to put me on medication.  At least not yet.  

He is aware of my frozen embryo transfer coming up and noted that there are a few different types of BP medication that is safe for pregnancy.  If I do get pregnant from this upcoming transfer, he said I will need to be monitored more closely anyway by my Ob-Gyn because I would be considered high risk.  Hopefully my BP will get back to normal before becoming pregnant.

The doctor listened to my heart and lungs and everything was good.  Lungs was clear so no bronchitis.  He looked into my nose and saw some swelling and congestion.   Since I've had this cough for 3 weeks, he decided to prescribe me some antibiotics for the cough and possible sinus infection.  Especially with my travel to TN and my transfer coming up, he wanted to make sure I get over whatever it is that is causing my cough.  I told him I'm so worn out from the coughing.

He also ordered a bunch of tests for me.  I think it is mostly related to checking for my BP and cholesterol.  I did a urine test, blood work for cholesterol and I think also for my thyroid, and even an EKG!  I'm familiar with urine test and blood work but the EKG, that was new for me.  When I had my EKG tested, the nurse noted that my heart was really strong.  I wasn't sure what she meant and if it was related to my BP.  She said no, it's just that I have a strong heart which is a good thing.  She showed me my graph compared it to the other patients', and said it looked really good. 

The nurse also said that my doctor is really good and very thorough.  He takes time with his patients and listens to them.  She said he is one of those doctors that put his foot down and refuses to be rushed with his patients.  When I was researching which doctor to see, I saw that he has over 25 years of experience and has good reviews from patients.  Looks like I picked a good doctor!

So right now, I'm pretty happy with the outcome of this doctor's visit.  I am taking antibiotics  and Muci.nex for my cough.  

I am not on any BP medications yet, but will do the following:
  • Monitor my BP daily for the next couple of months
  • Increase my activity levels - need to exercise more
  • Lower my salt intake
  • Eat a diet high in fruits and veggies (I should be doing that anyway!)
  • See the doctor for a follow up visit in 2 months.
I'm so happy I don't need BP meds (yet)!

I'm hoping this antibiotics will do the trick for my cough.

12 days to transfer!


  1. Can't wait for the transfer!! Glad you are feeling good about everything!

  2. It looks like you were in good hands. Your doctor seems very attentive with your medical history. It’s a good thing though, because he'll have a reference, in case he found something remarkable in your condition. How’s the embryo transfer, btw? I hope it was a success!

    Penelope Bonnet

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