Friday, March 2, 2012

Dual Registration & Background Checks

I am now registered for both the Marshall Islands and Domestic Infant Adoption (DIA) program.  This puts me on the waiting list for the DIA program. Once we are officially in the program, we would need to sign another contract for the DIA program, just like we will be signing one for the Marshall Islands program.

Actually, Babe and I had talked about doing the DIA outreach only program, meaning we would not be in the Profile Book, but do our own outreach to find a baby.  This would mean we technically would not need to be in the waiting list.  However, since we are considering embryo adoption too, we will wait to notify the agency about it, since we may only need the homestudy.

I am currently working on a couple of things.  I am in the middle of translating my birth certificate into English, since I was born in Asia.  Fortunately, I am not required to use a certified translator but I will be running it by my sister to make sure that the translation is accurate and "official" enough.

The background check requires that I list all addresses I have EVER lived at since turning 18.  That's a  lot of addresses since I've move a lot since turning 18.  I am also in the process of trying to figure out how to submit a background check with the child abuse registry in Singapore, since I lived there for a little over a year.  It's "fun" trying to contact someone in the child protective services in a country on the other side of the world with 14 hours time difference.  Thankfully, my sister will be helping me with that too.

Fun stuff.


  1. Lots of exciting things going on for you! I'm sure some of the paperwork will be annoying, but it will all be worthwhile! I'm so excited to follow along on your journey :)

  2. That sounds exciting! I had to get a child abuse clearance once and I had to provide addresses all the way back to when I was 5 years old!

  3. I just found your blog through google and I too am trying to get a background check for an international adoption since I lived in Singapore for 2 years. Could you help point me in the right direction?