Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last Happy Hour of the Year?

It's been a few days since my last post.  I have been trying not to think too much about TTC so have been trying to focus on other things.

I managed to get some more shopping done so I am about half done.  I also managed to finish putting up the ornaments on the Christmas tree last night.  I was going over DH's ornaments that he had collected over the years.  His aunt and grandma had handmade most of his and his siblings' Christmas since he was born, so it was fun to see some really old (and some not so pretty!) ornaments.  Some were falling apart but most were still in great condition.

Came across the "Our First Christmas Together" ornament that my MIL gave us.  It had our wedding date on it.  Made me kind of sad as I wonder when I would be able to have my first "Baby's First" ornament of my own.  What will the date be on it?  I'm hoping that we will have one next Christmas!  I hope that someone in our family will take the time to make or give ornaments for our future babies.  Oh heck, I can make our own I suppose.  It's more special if it's the kid's grandparents, uncles or aunts I think.

On Monday night, after a good day of shopping I called DH at work and told him I wanted to go out for dinner and have a strawberry margarita.  We went to Chili's for the 2-for-20 deal.  For $20 you get an appetizer, 2 entrees and a dessert to share.  It was great!  The best part was we were there early enough that it was still happy hour and I got 2 strawberry margaritas for the price of 1!  Since DH does not drink, this "party" was all about me!

This could be my last happy hour for a long time, that is if I do get pregnant "naturally" this month.  I told DH that I can't drink during all the Christmas festivities since I will be in my 2WW.  Can't drink for New Year's eve/day celebrations either since AF is suppose to arrive on New Year's day.  Unless I POAS, and I refuse to do that!

After so many BFNs, sometimes it just seems like such a waste to not be able to have a drink during the holidays since it'll probably be another BFN.  BFPs just seem so impossible after a while.  I actually snuck a couple sips of wine during Thanksgiving.  Well, maybe I will sneak another couple during Christmas?

So I had what was most probably the last happy hour of the year for me. Come to think of it, I should do more happy hours!

I shall now call them "Unhappy Happy Hours".  Sounds like something a drunk came up with!


  1. Good luck in the 2ww! Many girls subscribe to the 'drink to it's pink' philosophy and continue to drink during the 2ww. I'm sure a couple of drinks wouldn't be a big deal over the holidays...

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