Friday, May 3, 2013


I started Es.trace today.  The "little blue pill".

I called the IVF nurse at NEDC on Wednesday when my cycle started, but she said to wait till today to start taking Es.trace.  The clinic wants me to be right around day 20 of taking Es.trace at my mock transfer appointment on the 22nd.  I've never taken Es.trace before and wondering if I will experience any side effects.  For those of you that have taken Es.trace before, what side effects did you experience, if any?  I have yet to experience any that I notice, but I have only taken 2 so far.  I take 2 a day for 9 days, and then increase the dosage to 3 a day until my appointment.

I have also been fortunate that Mel, one of the gals from our infertility support group had an unopened bottle of Es.trace that she did not need.  So, I got my bottle of meds free this time.  I'll probably be prescribed another bottle for my transfer.  Does anyone know how much Es.trace cost?  In the past, I've been lucky enough to have infertility coverage through our insurance, but now we don't.  Just curious how much it would be to pay for it out of pocket.  Also wondering about the cost of Lu.pron.  Any idea?

Only a little less than 3 weeks to before we leave for Knoxville!


  1. Es.trace is expensive - I remember that much from FET's a couple years ago, but I was pleasantly surprised to find my insurance now covers it - so $5!

  2. So glad that you could use the estrace that I had. I don't know how much it cost without any insurance...but my insurance covered it and we have no infertility coverage.

    As for side effects... that is the medication that made me really dizzy, but I guess its really rare to have that happen. So hopefully you will be good.

    Can't wait for your appt!!! Please continue the updates!

  3. I had no side effects with Estrace. Lupron gave me awful headaches. I can't remember the costs for either of them though bc even though my insurance didn't cover infertility, my prescription coverage paid for a large portion of the meds. I do know that there is a generic of Estrace that is less expensive but the medical staff at the NEDC will only prescribe name brand. :(

  4. I actually loved being on Estrace. Any supplementation with estrogen helped my mood. Lupron and BCPs were the hard one for me.

    I think it depends on your pharmacy, but I've found price is higher than the generic (which was $20 for a big bottle of pills). But you'd be surprised with what insurance will cover when you don't specify "for fertility treatments."

    Good luck with the upcoming FET!

  5. Dr. K will not allow the generic. Estrace for the amount I needed to go through an FET cycle until the beta was $233 self pay.
    I had no side effects from Estrace. The Lupron gives me headaches and hot flashes though. (which I am going through right now this FET cycle!)

  6. My first 2 bottles insurance did not cover (because it was name brand) and it was near $300 (in 2010). My last bottle was just after the new year and my insurance started covering it at my highest copay and I have zero IF coverage. I would at least let them run it through your insurance before you pay out of pocket. You may be surprised what they cover.

  7. I had headaches and a bit of nausea on Estrace. I'm not really positive that it was because of the estrace... I was on Lupron when I had those side effects as well.

  8. Sometimes the dr's office will have extra drugs that patients donate. That's what my dr's office did and I was able to get some drugs from them. I wish IVF (& drugs) was a mandatory coverage under insurance.
    Good luck with the mock transfer. Hope you don't have any bad side effects (I didn't). :)